What to Do When You Live in Fishermans Bend: Explore Port Phillip

Picture: City of Port Phillip website

Port Phillip is one of Australia’s busiest and most popular recreational destinations. It is commonly referred to as Port Phillip Bay, or simply the Bay, even though it is not a bay at all  (It’s actually a port area made up of over 15 bays). Lots of people come to the Bay annually for their vacations, for its world-class beaches and vast coastlines.

Want to plan a vacation in Port Phillip? Here are some activities you should definitely try out to have a jolly good time!


Explore the national park

Hire a bike and ride along the stunning coastline of Point Nepean National Park. The park has a rich naval history and you can immerse yourself in its many tunnels, lookouts, and forts.


Get up close and personal with the animals

Wonder at the diversity of the marine creatures of Port Phillip. You can enjoy fishing for trout at the Indoor Rainforest Pool or swim with the dolphins and snorkel with the fur seals with Moonraker Charters. They offer half-day tours leaving from Sorrento’s ferry terminal that allow you to snorkel with the fur seals at Chinaman’s Hat Marine Park. Bottlenose dolphins will come and swim with you as you trawl behind the boat.

If you want something a bit more thrilling, you can book a tour from Sorrento Pier and take in the coastline around Portsea and Point Nepean then head into Bass Strait, where you will see sharks swimming about the berley trail. Chances of seeing mako sharks, bronze whalers and thresher or blue sharks are high!


Indulge in the wineries

Nothing sounds better than enjoying the wonders of Port Phillip with a glass of award-winning pinot noir in your hand. You can do this and more in Scotchmans Hill on the Bellarine Peninsula at Swan Bay.


Dive the wrecks

Experience one of the greatest sea dives in Port Phillip, where there are more than 60 19th century shipwrecks and four sunken submarines from World War I. It has become one of the most interesting underwater habitats in the world and you can see it for yourself by diving and snorkeling around the wrecks.


Port Phillip is a dynamic place leisure and adventure with plenty of opportunities for relaxation and it is in such close proximity to Fishermans Bend that daily trips won’t sound like a hassle at all. Choose from a range of Fishermans Bend apartments, designed with affordability and comfort in mind, and take this chance to live closer to a historic area!