Fishermans Bend Integrated Transport Plan: Elegant Efficiency

Picture: Victoria State Government website


Fishermans Bend, Australia’s largest urban renewal project, is set to be home to 80,000 residents and a workforce of 60,000 by 2050. Thus, planning a transportation system that is as efficient as it is sustainable is of the utmost importance.

In line with this, the integrated transport plan is setting up a goal for 80% of all local trips to be carried out through sustainable means, such as walking and cycling.  The urban renewal area is designed to have a walk score of 90 or greater, which means residents would not have to use their cars to run their errands as everything will be within walking distance.

Aside from walking and cycling, the plan also includes other transport options that will connect Fishermans Bend to the CBD.


City planners are collaborating with the government for a light rail system. Multiple routes will be assessed for the rail network development plan and includes the alignment and location of stations for a cross-town underground rail line.


Trams are considered key inclusions in the transport plan. Consultations seeking the delivery of an entire tram network for Sandridge and Wirraway continue to be held to ensure high-quality development. Two major boulevards with trams will be created both north and south of the West Gate Freeway.


A new frequent bus route linking Lorimer, Sandridge and Domain station via South Melbourne on Metro 1 is also under construction. Also underway are plans to upgrade the existing bus routes in Fishermans Bend.


This transportation plan aims to give residents the efficiency need and want in their everyday lives. Residents of Fishermans Bend can enjoy living in a “10-minute city”, where everything they could possibly need is incredibly accessible, from shops to restaurants to parks.

This will also afford the workforce easy access to the city through well-thought-out transportation systems that will take them where they want to be on time.

A city that will give you the desirable village lifestyle you deserve while in the city – Fishermans Bend is the perfect option for settling down.