Dining In Port Melbourne

Picture: City of Melbourne website

If there’s anything that never fails to bring happiness, it’s a truly exceptional food experience. And that’s something that’s always just within reach if you live in Fishermans Bend, with its close proximity to a dining paradise that is Port Melbourne.

Port Melbourne is full of restaurants, cafes, and pubs that range from luxurious to simple in terms of ambience and they all have one thing in common: providing patrons with great food and unforgettable dining experiences.

The following are just some of the restaurants and cafes you should definitely check out in Port Melbourne.


Ciao Cielo

Ciao Cielo is one of Port Melbourne’s not-so-secret gems. Ciao Cielo is cosy place perfect for a romantic dinner with your beau or perhaps a meal while catching up with a friend. Homely, warm, and comfortable, Ciao Cielo’s atmosphere will settle your soul and relax your mind, freeing you to indulge in lovingly prepared Italian dishes. The slow roasted lamb shoulder will be perfect with a glass of wine while you bask in the restaurant’s quaint elegance and disarming charm.

The Local

Dark wood bar, leather booths, worn carpets—The Local has it all, making it the very definition of a classic pub. Savour the beer of your choice from the pub’s many taps while watching the latest game. Grab a bite and fill your belly with traditional a Aussie fare: sausages and mash, a chicken parma, or a juicy steak. If relaxed and casual is what you’re looking for, The Local is your best bet.

Rockpool Bar & Grill

Want the ultimate steak that will ruin all other steaks for you? You’ll find it in the Rockpool Bar & Grill, hidden in the Crown Entertainment Complex in Southbank. Class and attention to detail are apparent in every aspect, from the setting right to staff uniforms and of course,  the food itself. Beef, chicken or duck—you can try it all in style.

Third Wave Cafe

For slow-cooked meat smoked with different woods, such as apple and hickory, this cafe is the best place to go. An endearing cafe at day and an American-style barbecue at night, options are full of temptations: cheeseburgers and beef ribs and brisket and fries .Third Wave also offers a wide range of dishes for various palates, and caters to the vegetarian crowd as well.

Red Spice Road

In Red Spice Road, you’ll delight in rich, sumptuous Southeast Asian fare served by attentive and friendly staff who’ll make you feel right at home. Try out their Malaysian duck curry and pork belly with hot mint, chili caramel, and black vinegar for an explosion of taste that will leave you wanting more. Lamb, beef, chicken and prawn, amongst others, are also on the menu.

Mr. Hobson

Mr. Hobson’s decadent dishes are sure to fill you up with satisfaction. Enjoy the colourful and fun atmosphere of the space with its fantastic view of the harbour. Whether you want to munch on fish and chips or just have a sip of wine while enjoying the breeze, Mr. Hobson might just be your next go-to restaurant.


Port Melbourne offers endless opportunities for your gastronomic pleasure, with plenty of options to choose from. Live merely a few minutes away from this fantastic place by settling down in Fishermans Bend apartments, which offer you not only proximity to good food but also the possibility for a truly fantastic life!