Why Melbourne requires Fishermans Bend

Population growth of Melbourne exceeds previous expectations.

Traffic at night through the city of Melbourne - Fishermans Bend being part of the resolution for population growth

Melbourne’s population is experiencing exponential growth and is very soon, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), expected to overtake Sydney and become Australia’s largest city. Our city planners know that in order to accommodate the population growth they must make provision within the town plan to house all of these new expected residents.

Fortunately for Melbourne, our city planners are up to the challenge. Urban renewal projects such as Fishermans Bend will provide a place to call home for up to 80,000 residents. An increasing number of people are choosing a lifestyle closer to the centre of our cities. Being located close to the city reduces travel times, increases availability of amenities and leaves more time family and relaxation.

Rezoning such a large area of land so close to the city centre and not previously available for residential purposes was the first but clearly necessary step. A great deal of work is being done to see that projects are underway to stick to the desired timeframe. By doing so, Melbourne’s lucky new residents will have a brand new suburb to enjoy sooner rather than later.

Main values to help with the rise:

The development guidelines for the new Fishermans Bend Urban Renewal area ensure that liveability and sustainability will be at the core of every planning decision. This will ensure that the area meets, and hopefully, even exceeds the strict planning guidelines.

Senior Executive of policy and projects from the University of Melbourne, Nicholas Reece, recently drew attention to the core values. “We want to encourage development that gives back to the public realm, not featureless glass towers that are nothing more than spreadsheets in the sky.”

The general consensus for Fishermans Bend is to renew and improve the city landscape. Therefore, allowing room so that the city can continue to flourish as a highly desired area to reside. “We know how important parks and gardens are to our city, so aim to increase open space by 240,000 square metres over the next 15 years.

That’s equivalent to adding more than 12 MCGs of open space to the city. These open spaces are so important to people’s physical and mental wellbeing.”

As you can see, the largest ever urban renewal project Australia has ever seen, Fishermans Bend, has the priorities of the residents and city dwellers at its heart.

Message from us:

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