New school – Fishermans Bend

new school

Earlier this year Victoria’s first vertical school was opened in Fishermans Bend.  The new school is located on Ferrars Street in South Melbourne.  This new school is unique when compared to traditional schools.

The new school implements learning neighbourhoods, therefore delivering better learning outcomes.  Traditionally other schools have classroom spaces for learning.  The school designed by Hayball architecture is a first for Victoria.  Hayball director, Ann Lau, says that “Classrooms have been minimsed; there are no formal classrooms in this school.”

new schoolnew school

“Each learning neighbourhood will effectively accommodate 75 children with three teaching staff.  This is very much about collaborative learning rather than didactic learning.”

Ms Lau goes on to say “Learning can actually take place indoors or outdoors depending on the weather.”

new school new school

Our opinion is that the creation of vertical schools like this one not only make sense, but are required for our inner urban areas.  Fishermans Bend is attracting many new residents to well designed and located apartments and townhouses.  Therefore additional educational infrastructure like this will be required.