Meet the team: Katherine Kong

Katherine Kong – A genuine consultant that’s passionate about all things Fishermans Bend

Katherine Kong - Real estate consultant

Katherine has been a part of the Fishermans Bend Realty team since late 2018. She is an integral consultant to the team, who has added an enormous amount of value in her short time. Her interest in the Fishermans Bend area has not only has been beneficial to the business, but also to anyone who has touched base with her.

Before entering the real estate industry, Katherine spent many years in the healthcare industry. Throughout her time in this profession, it was vital to conduct her services with integrity to guarantee a critical positive outcome to all patients. Her will and passion for helping people have seen her integration into the real estate industry as seamless.

She is a passionate consultant who places the client’s needs at the forefront. She believes educating purchasers about what makes a good property is an integral part of the process. Her services will include scaling off room sizes to allow for real furniture and conversational space; ensuring that the properties have good aspects and are in better than average locations.

“We do not sell properties but create a healthy buying environment for our clients. We listen to our buyers and curate properties that fit their criteria that also have better liveability than the average property”

How and why she chose to join the team

Katherine’s interest in Fishermans Bend began as she heard about the Urban Renewal project in the media. She was invested in learning more about the opportunity and saw it as “history in the making”. After approaching the founders of Fishermans Bend Realty – Michael and Terry – she was asked to join the team based on her ability to have genuine and a vested interest in assisting people searching within the property market.

“Since joining I have gained a wealth of knowledge and can see so much potential within the Fishermans Bend precinct. It is definitely a once in a hundred-year opportunity.”

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