Fishermans Bend tram: Not in my Marina!

An 2014 artist’s image of a tram bridge over the Yarra River at Docklands.


Many local residents in the Yarra’s Edge development who own marina berths have voiced their concern at the proposed extension of the Collins Street tram as the new tram route for the Fishermans Bend Urban renewal area.

They are not dismissing the idea of the new route, what they are looking for is a different way to deliver the new infrastructure. Their concerns lie in the fact that the proposed tram bridge will prevent large yachts and marine craft from entering the Yarra’s Edge marina. The flow on effect being a drop in their property prices.

They local group have proposed a rally to increase interest around the issue. One of the residents Mr Sutherland said instead of the tram bridge, he would like to see an immersed tube – a tunnel which is pre-built in sections and then submerged in the river – to take on the trams to Fishermans Bend.

Regardless of what the outcome is in terms of a planning solution it is clear that everyone agrees that the new tram line is required and therefore will be part of the future infrastructure in the area.