Melbourne startup improving neighbourhoods

A Melbourne start-up changing the way we analyse neighborhoods

A homegrown software company has just received funding to take their company to the next level. Why is this important? Because it will improve the way developers plan and build our future city. 

Neighbourlytics are focused on improving neighbourhoods by understanding and implementing the power of analytics. 

Jessica Christiansen-Franks and Lucinda Hartley founded Neighbourlytics after noticing a gap in the market. As well as noticing that publically available data from social platforms wasn’t being integrated into the understanding of successful cities.  

For instance, with such information planners, developers and governments can begin to understand city landscapes all the better.

“Neighbourlytics is a game-changer for the property sector. Our industry is facing huge challenges as urban development continues to drive growth and city-makers grapple with the needs of rapidly changing communities.” – Trawalla group director Carol Schwartz

neighbourlytics logo

Neighbourlytics logo


What does this mean for future planning? 

Having an insight into what makes a neighbourhood more desirable allows future planning to have residents at the forefront. 

Developers and city planners are investing a lot of capital into new developments and they only have one shot to get it right.

Due to the introduction of large-scale data analysis, whoever makes the decisions on planning elements in powered by the knowledge knowing rather than guessing. 

“Finding out what makes neighbourhoods tick is hard — it’s a major pain point for city-makers who are making huge investment decisions and only have a short window to get it right,” Hartley said. 

What does this mean for Melbourne’s future? 

Above all, a better-understood city. One that will cater to the needs and wants for the people who choose to reside there. The growth and developments of the Melbourne landscape need to have the residents the core of their focus. 

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