Home hacks that will keep you warm this winter

Hacks to keep you warm this winter without the shocking bills 

It is not new news that energy costs are on the rise. They have been for some time and it’s not looking like they’ll be taking a dip anytime soon. We have comprised a list of hacks that will keep you warm this winter without the shocking bills to match. Also, what makes a home stand the test of time through the extremes of summer and winter.

Piggy bank

Let the sunshine come through:

On days where there is a glimmer of sunshine make sure the blinds and curtains are drawn. The extra amount of warmth that comes through during the day will make all the difference in how the home keeps warm into the evening. However, once the sun disappears close off the windows to keep the warmth in.

How windows will make a difference:

The cold seeps through glass, especially thin glass. When looking at properties take note of the windows and their location, thickness and how well they seal. Keeping as much of the cold out will drastically make a difference in the colder months. 

Find the draughts and block them:

Sometimes it’s the slightest of cracks, gaps and holes that let the warmth out and the cold in. Making sure that the gaps at the bottom of doors are closed off, windows are sealed tightly and any doors leading to spaces such as the bathroom and laundry are closed off.

Rug up:

Seems simple, but those extra layers can make all the difference. And, we’re not just talking about the layers on your body, but the layers between the floor and your feet. If there are a lot of tiles or floorboards it would be wise to invest in some rugs.

How will furniture make a difference:

Where your couches are positioned makes an impact based on their absorption. They’re a clever heat retainer so be wise to where you position them. They might just be the key to keeping your living area warmer for longer.

Wheat packs & hot water bottles:

Something simple and cheap to keep you toasty. Whether it be as you slip into bed or even when you’re lounging around – a pack of warmth can really pack a punch.

Make sure you’ve got a timing system:

Having the heater on in intervals will cut down the overall usage. However, it is sometimes hard to remember to turn devices off, especially when you’re toasty and warm. Having a timer can make sure that your heating doesn’t run over time – keeping your bills short and in check.

The right aspect, why it’s important:

Picking a home with a northerly aspect is quintessential to keeping you warmer with the natural elements. The sun rises in the east and sets in the north, if you have a northerly aspect, your home will benefit from the daily sunshine.

Get cooking: 

Your oven can play a big role in warming up the home. A roasted meal will not only satisfy your hunger, but it will also heat the space quite significantly. Invite a few loved ones and put your culinary skills to the test. 

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