Investors notice Fishermans Bend potential


Normanby Melbourne. Image: Capital Alliance Group

Fishermans Bend is welcoming more large-scale investors. The Capital Alliance Group has partnered with Marriott Hotels & Resorts to build a $200 million mixed-use project. The Normanby Melbourne will not only house 111 residents, but also have 200 rooms allocated for the hotel component. It will be the first hotel for Fishermans Bend, but predicted to not be the last.

The Australian director of Marriott International, Richard Crawford says “We’ve been searching for the right opportunity to introduce the AC Hotels brand to Australia. We like Fishermans Bend because we feel like it’s very much an emerging location, not far from the city centre and the Convention Centre.”

With the desirability of Fishermans Bend on the increase, it’s clear that many investors and developers understand the potential for this particular precinct.

“We saw Fishermans Bend as the next urban renewal precinct that’s really going to take off,” says Capital Alliance CEO Mohan Du. “It’s attractive to us in the sense that it’s definitely an up-and-coming area.

“We think it’s going to be a very modern version of Carlton, with educational institutions and businesses moving in. I think everything is gelling together.”

The building itself will be a sight in its own right. Having a distinctive geometric façade that is designed to optimise the moving sun will see it as a highlight.

Why is the Fishermans Bend area so special?

The appeal of this area is not only in the location or space, but also the investment by the government. There has been $30 billion promised to be injected into this precinct to engineer a world class development. At the centre of the efforts are layout and longevity, guaranteeing accessibility, comfortability and sustainability.

Fishermans Bend isn’t a project of tomorrow, it’s not an area that developers and parties are just trying to whip up in a limited time frame. It’s all about precision, smarter planning, long-term growth and ultimately, of benefit to not only the community, but Melbourne as a whole.

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